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Liqud yeast

Yeast is probably still the most mystic ingredient in beer production. While at the beginning craft brewers were experimenting with hops, the focus is now put on yeast.


Not only the selection of the proper yeast strain has great impact on taste and flavor of the final product. As a living creature, yeast is demanding diligent care and treatment from the brewer. Only a yeast with high vitality and optimal physiology can guarantee highest results. B.U.B. Speckner has been dedicated to this exciting ingredient since decades and therefor can offer a unique range of products and services about yeast.

Over the years they managed to build up a network with well-known partner breweries. So, they are able to provide their »classics«- the lager beer strain 365 “Augusta” and the wheat beer strain 362 »Fructa«, in any amount needed.  All other strains (speciality yeasts) have to be propagated freshly from the glass tube, so they generally need 10 days to prepare them.


The Craft-Brewing movement has enriched beer culture enormously during the last years. While at the beginning brewers were experimenting more often with hops, the focus now is put more and more on yeast,  with no limits to creativity. B.U.B. Speckner supports Craft-Brewers with a unique choice of speciality-yeasts, propagated as thick-yeast in ready-to-pitch amounts. Due to intelligent logistics, they are able to deliver to almost every place in Europe promptly, without disrupting cold chain.

You can check our current offer of various yeast types HERE.